Recent Client Cases

Change of ownership New Strategic Aspiration Roadmap to Exit
  • Current ownership of Scandinavian services company considers spinning-off company
  • CCC engaged by Board to advise on alternative divestment routes, valuation mechanisms and drivers and optimal timing of possible sale
  • In close collaboration with CEO/CFO and Board decision to postpone divestment consideration with 2-3 years due to in-optimal “as-is” valuation and timing.
  • Ownership approval of recommendation and initiation of a value enhancement program towards a defined exit horizon
  • Partner-owned professional services company aspiring to competing in high-end of the value chain of it’s customers
  • CCC engaged by Partnership to help redefine the aspiration, assess capability gaps to realize the aspiration and design a roadmap to execution
  • Design of a structured process with senior partners to address choices and execute upon these
  • Radical change of the Partnership’s initial self-aspiration to become driven by the real demands by their core clients
  • US based company backed by consortium of leading VC funds seeking exit and challenged by an unsuccessfull attempt for an IPO
  • CCC engaged by Board to support development of a new roadmap to exit and value uplift program to radically improve the as-is valuation of the company at time of exit
  • In close collaboration with CEO/CFO and senior management team a structured process was designed to re-evaluate existing businesses and exploitation of new opportunities
  • A new understanding established of the value of the current core business and the sub-sequent need to embrase new opportunities
  • Aligning Management of Expectations of the VC-Funds backing the company both in terms of Exit Horizon and valuations

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