Approach to Corporate Advisory

The conventional management consulting model is challenged by capable client organizations But when sensitive issues are at stake who does senior management talk to?
  • Corporations have today employed numerous top MBAs and often also former management consultants
  • Corporations have exactly the same access to data and intelligence as consulting firms
  • Tasks, which traditionally were out-sourced to management consultants are increasingly undertaken by highly capable in-house resources
  • The conventional role of management consultants is being challenged by client organizations
  • The notion of ”The Trusted Advisor” is too often an illusion as……..
  • The conventional management consulting model too often is driven by junior heavy teams with only limited senior partner face-time
  • Only few advisors dare telling CEOs – not what they want to hear – but what they need to hear
  • When corporations do seek trusted advice around their most sensitive issues whom do they talk to?
  • Working with Sigurd Lilienfeldt as Corporate Advisor is just about that.

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